BitCoin Cash Price Charts

bitcoin cashBitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency split from the original Bitcoin Core cryptocurrency. In 2017, a group of cryptocurrency developers created a code change (referred to as a hard fork) in the original code.

The reason behind the hard fork was to increase Bitcoin’s original block size limit. The hard fork took place on 1st August 2017. This change also split the blockchain in two. Anyone owning units of Bitcoin at the time of the split, had the same amount of units in Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

Unlike the original Bitcoin currency (Bitcoin Core) Bitcoin Cash allows for larger Blocks in its blockchain. This difference allows Bitcoin Cash to process more transactions per second (in theory).

You can use the Bitcoin Cash Price Chart to compare the Bitcoin Cash price against other currencies. You can also view the Bitcoin Cash price under various chart types: Line, Candle (Candlestick), and OHLC (Open High Low Close). Lastly, you can export and save the chart as a PNG file.



BTC 2.27%



ETH 0.96%



LTC 1.75%



XRP 1.47%

BitCoin Cash


BCH -0.27%



DASH 2.58%



XMR 0.22%

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