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Financial News and Articles 1

IRS Plans to Issue Guidance on CryptoCurrency Taxation

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles Rettig has explained to U.S. representatives that the tax department plans to issue clearer ...
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Financial News and Articles 2’s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data

A little over a year ago, our web portal launched a new market cap aggregator,, which showcases the top ...
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Financial News and Articles 3

The Week Ahead – EU Elections, Stats, Monetary Policy and Trade in Focus

On the Macro For the Dollar: It’s a relatively quiet week ahead for the Greenback, from an economic data perspective ...
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Financial News and Articles 4

Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Jumps Ahead as Crypto Prices See Fresh Gains

Digital asset markets jumped in value over the last 24 hours as most cryptocurrencies have gained 8-13%. Since our last ...
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Financial News and Articles 5

Weekly Wrap – Stats and the U.S – China Trade War Put the Dollar on Top

The Stats The economic calendar was on the busier side in the week ending 17th May. A negatively skewed set ...
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Financial News and Articles 6

How to Prove Ownership With a Bitcoin Cash Address and Digital Signature

Bitcoin is an amazing form of money and the technology Satoshi created has incredible potential. However, most people don’t realize ...
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Financial News and Articles 7

Soybeans’ Recovery Capped, Sugar Down to 7-Month Lows

Soybeans prices are trading down on Friday as investors are digesting trade war events between China and the United States ...
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Financial News and Articles 8

‘Craig Is a Liar’ – Early Adopter Proves Ownership of Bitcoin Address Claimed by Craig Wright

On May 16, an unknown person posted a signed message to social media concerning a bitcoin address that was used ...
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Financial News and Articles 9

Gold Falls to 1,290 as Investors Give Up on the 1,300 Resistance

Gold is trading down on Thursday as the pair failed to break above the 1,300 level and bulls are now ...
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Financial News and Articles 10 Aims to Spread Economic Freedom Through P2P Exchange of BCH

On June 4, is launching a peer-to-peer marketplace called that will allow users from around the world to ...
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Financial News and Articles 11

Coindar Helps You Keep Track of Important Crypto Events

The cryptocurrency space is abundant with events, from blockchain upgrades to platform launches and informal meetups. Coindar is a free ...
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brave web browser brave ads

Brave Web Browser Launches Brave Ads Cryptocurrency Rewards Program

Brave Web Browser has been making waves and gaining a positive reputation over the past few months. Below is a quick ...
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cryptocurrency country

20 TOP Cryptocurrency Countries that visit Crypto Exchanges

Daylight, an analytics website that focuses on cryptocurrencies, provided data to show that the United States recorded the highest number ...
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hearo fm jam token cryptocurrency music

Can Hearo FM use Cryptocurrency to Revolutionize the Music Industry?

Hearo FM has a goal to create a global independent music marketplace for artists to collaborate, share their music, and ...
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bitcoin mining profitability

Is Bitcoin Mining Still Viable?

Is mining bitcoin still a viable venture to undertake in today’s world? We will explore that question in this article ...
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cryptocurrency hacking hacker cyber security

Tech Savvy Student Steals $7.5 Million in Cryptocurrency – Gets 10 Years in Jail

Joel Ortiz, a skilled SIM Swapper was caught and arrested back in May 2018. On April 22nd 2019, the District ...
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cryptocurrency hacking hacked quantum computers computing

Every Cryptocurrency Can Be Hacked in Just a Few Seconds

Is it possible that all current blockchain-based cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) can be hacked in just a matter of seconds? It ...
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colibra blockchain insurance

Colibra aims to use Blockchain Technology to handle Insurance Claims

Colibra’s mission is to place itself as the first Democratic Insurance company in the world by changing the way it ...
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north korea cryptocurrency

Southeast Asia’s Cryptocurrency Sector could be targeted by North Korea

North Korea is well known for being one of the most secretive and reclusive countries in the world. For years, ...
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rebiton buy bitcoin

Rebiton Allows You to Buy Bitcoin and Keep Your Privacy

Purchasing bitcoin ought to be quick and easy, but over the years, encroaching KYC has made that task more complex ...
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Financial News and Articles 12

South Korean Government Considers Relaxing Cryptocurrency Regulations

The world of cryptocurrency has its fair share of individuals who engage in criminal activity (just like in the world ...
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cryptocurrency news japanese bitcoin hacker

Japanese Hacker Steals Over $130,000 in Cryptocurrency – Gets Arrested

Japanese police have caught and arrested an 18-year-old Japanese individual for the crime of stealing cryptocurrency, valued at over ¥15 ...
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cryptocurrency news full stack cryptocurrency ecosystem

Introducing the World’s First Full-Stack Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Bcause LLC, a crypto startup that uses Nasdaq’s trading, clearing and market surveillance technology, is expected to launch its spot ...
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bitcoin cryptocurrency credit card

How to Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card

The Bitcoin Price is always in flux and you have to choose the right time to get into the market ...
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bitcoin cryptocurrency bitcoin mining

How Bitcoin Mining Works and How to Mine Bitcoin

The Bitcoin protocol states that a total of 21 million Bitcoins will exist at the end of the mining period ...
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bitcoin price chart

Understanding Bitcoin Price Charts when Buying Bitcoin

Understanding the various terms used for trading assets in the financial world can be a bit daunting, especially if you ...
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