Monero Mining Calculator

monero mining calculator monero price chartMonero (XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on fungibility, privacy and decentralization. Monero uses an obfuscated public ledger, meaning anybody can broadcast or send transactions, but no outside observer can tell the source, amount or destination.

Monero uses a Proof of Work mechanism to issue new coins and incentivize miners to secure the network and validate transactions.

Monero is actively encouraged to those seeking financial privacy, since payments and account balances remain entirely hidden, which is not the standard for most cryptocurrencies.

You can use the Monero Mining Calculator below to find out how much you can possibly earn based on Hashing Power, Difficulty and other variables.

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BTC 2.19%



ETH 0.64%



LTC 1.91%



XRP 1.29%

BitCoin Cash


BCH -0.39%



DASH 2.60%



XMR 0.77%

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